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Alex Hue Reptiles is dedicated to making your out of country Reptile purchase quick, convenient, and problem free. We apply for all of the paper work necessary for export including CITES documentation if required. We do however have a minimum order amount of $1000.00 for all direct export sales.

Your order is shipped in high quality Styrofoam insulated cardboard shipping containers or insulated wood crates with all of the necessary cold / heat packs to ensure the safe arrival of your reptiles. A typical NON CITES order ships within 7 days after payment is made and a typical CITES order ships within 90 days after payment is made. We do require payment in full prior to shipping. The method of shipping is air freight / air cargo from airport to airport. Although we make all of the necessary arrangements for export, you must be aware of your countries import laws and make all of the necessary arrangements to receive your order.

For customers who would prefer to purchase our reptiles from one of our Distributors/Agents in the following countries, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany, and the UK, please send us a   E-mail with your country and the animals you're interested in so we may forward you a list of our distributors/agents in or close to your country. We also Ship to Various European and Asian Reptile shows for pick up. E-mail us for details. We also offer group purchases and discounts, if you and your friends would like to make a group purchase or you simply wish to purchase our reptiles for resale in your country, please send us a E-mail

Breeders / Sellers / Buyers  in the USA

AHR also provides Import / Export services for breeders, sellers, and buyers  wishing to export or import from countries within the European Union or Asia. If you have a order that needs to go or come from overseas but are unaware of the laws, procedures, and requirements...we can help!

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to make a inquiry...please send us a E-mail.



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